E Ink created dynamic wallpapers

E Ink Corporation is an innovator in digital signage and e-book technology. Its developments are used by world famous brands such as Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Casio, Citizen, Lexar, Kobo, Motorola, Pricer, Samsung, Sony and Yota to offer people devices such as e-readers, mobile phones, electronic price tags, billboards, smartwatches, etc. And this year, at CES, representatives of E Ink announced plans to reach the market for interior goods, in particular, to wallpaper..

The company has created the so-called dynamic wallpaper Prism. Using technology similar to that used in electronic devices, it will be possible to decorate entire surfaces with new material that changes color and pattern..

Prism wallpaper will help you change the look of the entire room, including the ceiling, not just the walls. It’s too early to argue that technology will hook the hearts of people, but it is already quite interesting to watch how technologies burst into the world of finishing materials..

E Ink shared some details about Prism. So, the wallpaper uses a bistable E Ink display, which is also found in devices such as the famous Amazon Kindle. However, in Prism, this display has a different color rendering..

E-ink technology is unique in that it can be used in many other fields outside of reading devices and other displays. E Ink Chairman Says Prism Will Turn Interiors Into Living Spaces.

You can decorate everything with a prism: walls, ceiling, doors, etc. Then, at the touch of a button, you can change the colors of the room or run simple animations on the surface..

The company also says the Prism can serve as an indoor navigator. For example, in university buildings or hospitals.

E-ink managers did not give any exact figures for electricity consumption, but they said that the Prism display consumes «very little electricity.» They also noted that the product is very durable..

Company representatives expect that by the end of 2015 there will be examples of large-scale use of their new product, but prices for it have not yet been determined..

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