BMW 520i

Review of the German premium sedan BMW 520i (F10)


The fifth series looks solid and personable. Hardly anyone would argue that this is a beautiful car. It is enough just to look at the expressive lines of the body, graceful, but at the same time aggressive profile and spectacular optics of head lighting with branded «angel eyes».


BMW has been reluctant to modify the dashboard and center console over the years. The Germans do not want to spoil what has brought them income for a long time and attracted new ranks of fans. The laconic interior decoration was to the taste of many. The current «five» is still restrained in terms of design, but more technological.

BMW 520i F10-Interior

The instrument panel has acquired a liquid crystal display, and the multimedia control system has become more intelligent and logical in terms of information perception. The quality of materials is very high quality — the interior is decorated with lacquered black plastic inserts and high-quality leather. Ergonomics are not questionable, with the exception of the non-fixed steering column levers.

BMW 520i F10-Interior

The driver’s seat has an excellent profile and pronounced lateral support. There are enough adjustments for a person of any physique and height — to the standard parameters, you can adjust the lumbar support, the length of the pillow and the width of the side support rollers.

BMW 520i F10-Interior

The rear sofa is relatively spacious: there is plenty of room for knees and in width, but the head can be in contact with the side low pillar of the roof. The luggage compartment is very spacious (520 liters). Plus, it has small hinges and a convenient loading dock..

BMW 520i F10-Trunk

Technical part

The car is equipped with a two-liter turbocharged engine with a power output of 184 horsepower and 270 Newton meters of torque. Power is realized through an eight-speed automatic transmission and rear-wheel drive. To accelerate to the first hundred, you need to spend less than eight seconds, and the maximum speed is fixed at 233 kilometers per hour. These are the passport data. What is actually?

BMW 520i F10-Interior

Despite the impressive characteristics of the BMW 520i, it drives mediocre and without excitement. It does not press into the back of the chair and there is no pick up. The car accelerates confidently, energetically and smoothly. Sharpness is not possible even with the Sport transmission mode, although it may not be needed in a car of this class. After all, BMW is, first of all, a status.

Also, do not expect miracles in the corners. The steering is informative, but the steering response is a bit late. Rear-wheel drive excitement is correctly extinguished by the stabilization system, so it will not be possible to corner in a controlled drift. Yes, relative to the E60, the current F10 seems more imposing, but this very fact has a beneficial effect on comfort..

BMW 520i F10

The suspension is elastic and long-travel. You can safely pass the tram tracks without feeling any discomfort in the form of shaking or vibration. The situation is similar when driving on roads of average lousy — shock absorber struts successfully work out pits and joints. Sound insulation is developed so much that even at high speed in the cabin you can talk in an undertone — aerodynamic noise and the sound of the power unit simply cannot break through the dense layers of insulation.


If you need a status car with acceptable dynamics and a high level of comfort, then the BMW 520i F10 is one of the best options. This does not mean that direct competitors such as the Audi A6 or the Mercedes E-Class are anything worse. Each of these cars has its own advantages and disadvantages, which will appear only with a face-to-face comparison. Japanese counterparts (Acura, Infinity, Lexus) are also strong, but they lack pedigree.


— attractive design;

— the highest quality finishes;

— roomy salon;

— large trunk;

— high-torque engine;

— high driving comfort;

— excellent sound insulation.


— unsatisfactory handling for BMW. You expect more from a car of this brand in terms of driving properties..

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