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Observations carried out on the ground and wall benchmarks of the building make it possible to trace the ratio of their subsidence over time. The combined graphs of the subsidence of soil and foundations for different dates show that the values ​​of subsidence of the soil and foundation at the points of the same name are not the same..

This phenomenon leads, on the one hand, to a redistribution of the vertical load on the foot of the foundation, and on the other, to the formation of cantilevers or incisions. By December 1965, the size of the incision of the foundation of the southern facade reached a maximum of 20 mm, after which it began to decrease and by September 1966 it was 5 mm. On the northern facade, the maximum penetration value by December 1965 was 26 mm, after which it also began to decrease. The noted decrease in the incisions of the outer walls is confined to the cold periods of the year and indicates the movement of the building upward relative to the ground (bulging of the building). If we assume that the measurement error (for example, a defect in the overlap of the lines of wall and soil benchmarks) does not exceed the value of the recorded decrease in the incision, then the building’s flood may be caused by heaving forces when water freezes at the base of the building. Similar phenomena were also noted when observing the underworking of other objects, for example, large-panel experimental buildings in the Karaganda basin..

As mentioned above, the building fell into a zone of negative curvature, which naturally caused the foundation to bend. The absolute value of the foundation deflection on September 19, 1966 reached 15 mm along the southern facade.

The crack in the middle of the building between the foyer and the auditorium received the greatest disclosure. This crack played the role of an expansion joint, which should have been considered in the design of the building..

Apart from the Shakhtar cinema, residential buildings were also affected by mining. Let’s consider some of them.

Residential building number 19 on the street. B. Khmelnitsky is located next to the Shakhtar cinema. Oriented by the longitudinal axis but the strike of the formation. The size in the plan is 65 × 15 m. The building is two-storey brick, the foundation is brick tape.

The deformations of the earth’s surface near the house were: slope — 2 mm, horizontal deformation (compression) — 1.5 mm.

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