Point and complex buildings

Modern buildings are either point or complex. Each type has its own advantages and disadvantages, but for some reason real estate specialists do not like to compare them..

Point development, as many believe, will always exist, even in the conditions of the predominance of the construction of residential complexes. And this is despite the fact that it is precisely the infill development that is considered very problematic. Such construction is fraught with conflicts with the residents of the building next door, non-compliance with various technical standards, etc. In addition, the cost of infill development is very high, since it includes the cost of the snake itself, the organization of engineering networks and communications, or rather, their inclusion in an existing system, which may be accompanied by interruptions in the supply of electricity, heat and water, and even accidents. At the same time, the load on the infrastructure of the district is increasing — the number of residents is growing, and the existing social, trade and transport facilities often cease to cope with their «duties», which causes a shortage of shops, schools, kindergartens, other social institutions, not to mention traffic jams , which are already one of the biggest problems of the metropolis.

However, in St. Petersburg, infill development is the only opportunity for construction in the center and other developed areas. But at the same time, do not forget that the legislation sets very strict requirements and rules for construction in the center — new buildings must either fully comply with the general architectural style, or not get out of it. Of course, this greatly affects the cost of work and the final prices for real estate..

The residential areas of the city, especially the developing and expanding ones, are characterized by complex development. The districts adjacent to the city center are not lagging behind. An example of this are residential complexes in Krasnogvardeisky and Moskovsky districts — «New City» or «Triumph Park», respectively, as well as many others. Residential complexes are a kind of micro-districts equipped with their own infrastructure, in addition, they already have the probability of an increase in the existing load.

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