Advantages of laminated veneer lumber houses

Glued laminated timber is an excellent material for building houses, as it gives them many advantages..

So, unlike ordinary timber or wood, it does not store the moisture natural for wood. The amount of moisture in it does not exceed 12 percent. This eliminates the possibility of cracks in the beams. The construction of such a house has no shrinkage. In addition, there is no need to use insulation.

Since shrinkage is not an inherent phenomenon for a house made of laminated veneer lumber, the time for its construction is significantly reduced. For comparison, houses made of logs after erection are left for 6-12 months to shrink. After that, the builders start laying communications and finishing works..

In general, if there is a ready-made foundation, then a house from laminated veneer lumber can be built in three to four weeks. The construction process can be carried out both in summer and winter. This is very convenient for those people who are in great need of housing and for this they turn to companies that build houses from a bar at a low price..

Manufacturers make grooves and ridges in each wall glued timber. They are located along the length of the material and contribute to a very tight grip and rigid fixation of the bars. Due to the tight fit of the building material elements, it is not necessary to insert insulation or tow between the parts.

It is also nice that the side surfaces of the glued beams are equal and smooth. This also gives the walls a smooth surface that does not require finishing, which reduces the cost of building a building. According to experts, the cost of such a house can be 50 percent less than the price of a house built of brick..

A house made of laminated veneer lumber can stand for years without the appearance of deformations of any of its parts. For many years, its structure has not tilted to one side. This is due to the fact that any of the bars does not change its shape, resists fungi, mold, blue and various insects.

Thanks to such a beam, you can build a reliable five-story house. This is facilitated by the high strength of the timber, which is the result of the use of lamella technology during gluing..

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