Benefits of cooperation with TELS GLOBAL: why is it so popular

TELS GLOBAL is one of the most popular providers involved in the delivery of goods to Europe and the former CIS. It has been carrying out this activity for a long time and was able to form a wide client audience.

TELS GLOBAL is an international logistics provider offering comprehensive services in transportation and logistics industry by all modes of transport, including warehousing, insurance, financial and other related services.

TELS GLOBAL has established itself as a conscientious performer and responsible provider of services related to logistics. It delivers goods in several ways:

  • by car;
  • railway trains;
  • on water;
  • superluminal transportation.

With the help of this provider, you can easily send heavy and oversized cargo to different countries. Container shipping is carried out by two types of transport: water and rail. Delivery from China to Russia, European countries and Belarus is possible. Delivery is carried out in forward and reverse directions.

Providing services for the transportation of goods, the client can not worry about its integrity and timely delivery.

Representatives of the company monitor the movement of cargo via the Internet, if necessary, optimize the route by shortening it in order to avoid passing unfavorable sections along the route, and help with customs clearance.

Benefits of cooperation with TELS GLOBAL

As mentioned above, this logistics provider has been operating for a long time. It has formed a fairly large client audience that regularly uses the services provided.

All customers who applied to the company for cargo transportation services highlight a number of advantages from cooperation:

  • the provider carries out all types of transportation to any country in Europe or the former CIS;
  • the ability to deliver heavy or oversized cargo to the capitals of such countries as the Czech Republic, Great Britain, Ukraine and Poland;
  • cargo delivery is provided with a package of services: cargo insurance at the most favorable insurance rate, assistance with customs documentation and its execution, and a number of other services provided in the process of the cargo’s journey to its destination. It will be fully written into the contract.

By contacting TELS GLOBAL, you receive insurance services in case of unforeseen risks. The organization of this event is carried out by the employees of the company. If insurance claims arise during the provision of services, the company’s specialists will resolve them independently, without the participation of the customer.

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