Business development with Brillio: why you should contact it

Brillio helps clients deliver an authentic and responsive experience that has a significant impact on profitability and customer protection. It all happens through reimagining the data-driven experience, focusing on the customer journey, and partnerships with leading CRM and CX platforms. Fantastic experience working with Brillio on such an important business project.

This digital customer experience consulting was completed in an incredibly short time frame.

Innovative business model

The company’s deep expertise in API fication, microservices architecture, offline collaboration, and the ability to configure integrated channels is helping customers transition to new operating models, subscription-based delivery models, and usage-based pricing.

Product development outsourcing

The company’s partnership with the sales team allows customers to accelerate the development of their products on the appexchange platform throughout the entire development life cycle, including strategy, design, engineering, security review, deployment and implementation.

By transforming and adopting Service Cloud, customers can dramatically improve satisfaction, problem resolution time, and cross-selling. Advanced self-service with automation, unified agent console, unified customer data, field service management ensure that all stakeholders in the value chain can benefit from a superior user experience.

The Brillio CPQ solution helps sales teams spend more time selling by enabling them to quickly and accurately create offers through guided sales and product recommendations that match their customers’ needs.

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