Carburetor of the car VAZ 2105

A carburetor is a device that is designed to mix liquid fuel and air before it enters the combustion chamber. In modern car production, injection systems are used that do everything on their own without outside help in every process. The carburetor is present on ancient cars..

Very often, car owners are faced with the need to adjust and tune the carburetor. How to do this, it is best to understand the example of a VAZ 2105 car.

The VAZ 2105 car is equipped with an emulsion type carburetor 1107010. This is one of the most common types of carburetors. The 21053 carburetor also has an index 1107010. Adjusting the VAZ 2105 carburetor is one of the simplest ways to get rid of possible unit malfunctions. And this procedure is not quite complicated..

To understand how to set up a carburetor, you need to understand its main parts and mechanisms:

Accelerator pump and auxiliary elements;

Engine warm-up system;

Fuel and air jets;

Adjusting screw;

Air damper;

Starting device;

Throttle valve.

These are not all the main parts and mechanisms of the device, but the operation of the vehicle, its speed and fuel consumption will depend on their serviceability. 1107010 is a two-chamber carburetor, one of the chambers of which is responsible for the required fuel level, and the other for the air supply. A well-coordinated system of these two elements is the key to stable engine operation..

Very often, when the car is moving, an incomprehensible knock or other extraneous sounds may occur. In many ways, the reasons for this lie in the malfunction of the carburetor. In order not to spend fabulous money on craftsmen and technical workers, you should learn how to cope with such minor problems yourself.

Adjusting the carburetor VAZ 2105 is setting up the individual units of the device, namely:

Systems for maintaining the required fuel level;

Idling systems;

Cold start systems.

1107010 also consists of:

Dosing system;

Accelerating pump;

Econostat system.

But these three units do not lend themselves to adjustment. If damaged, they are completely replaced..

To set up and adjust the unit, a number of tricky actions should be performed, more precisely one action. Since the 2105 carburetor is installed practically on the surface, it is not required to disassemble or remove anything to adjust it. The fuel and air jets are in a prominent position, which is why the 1107010 carburetor is considered one of the easiest to use..

In what cases may you need to adjust or adjust?

For adjusting the fuel level maintenance system. It should be remembered that if an insufficient fuel level is indicated, this does not mean that it is really not enough. It is quite possible that the arrow is knocking. In order to check whether it is really necessary to increase the fuel level, or whether the device has failed, you must:

Start the engine;

Let it idle for a couple of minutes;

Check fuel level. To do this, remove the carburetor cover and see if the mark is at least 28 mm.

Adjusting the cold start system. Tuning is done by adjusting the starting screw. To do this, you should:

Close the air damper;

Check the degree of lowering of the starting screw. If necessary, you can forcibly lower it a little..

Idling setting. It is carried out only on a warm engine. It is necessary to increase the number of revolutions to 850 per minute. Then increase the number to the maximum and reduce again to 850 rpm. This should improve idle performance..

Carburetor 2105 1107010 is a versatile device that is easy to maintain and just needed by a car to perform its functions. It should be noted that the speed of the vehicle and its operation at idle speed and with a cooled engine depend on the serviceability of the mechanism. So that you do not have to rush to the workshop for technical assistance soon, you should pay as much attention as possible to the carburetor.

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