Checking a car using a VIN decoder: advantages and rules

Any car produced is equipped with an identification number at the factory. It is individual, has a unique set of data that can no longer be found in other vehicles.

It is called the VIN code and is unified for all cars of any manufacturer. To obtain the decryption and related information, it is suggested to use a VIN decoder.

Web resource providing data decoding services

The website is called Vindecoderz, and offers the opportunity to enter a code that has a combination of seventeen numbers and letters into the search bar. This data will immediately provide the following information:

  1. The name of the country where the car was built. Each state has its own number.
  2. Two letters will indicate a specific manufacturer.
  3. Next comes a group of five characters — two letters and three numbers. The first ones indicate the brand, the numbers refer to the type of engine and its volume.
  4. Next come three letters one by one, which indicate: security code; Production year; the plant where the car came off the assembly line.
  5. The last group has six digits; they indicate the serial number of the machine.

To obtain information, on the first page of the site you can enter data into the search bar and start the process. After some time, information regarding this vehicle will appear.

Among this information, you can find all owners of the car and years of use, information about import into the country, date of sale, facts of being involved in an accident, and the occurrence of other insured events. If the car is listed as stolen, has claims from customs and tax authorities, or is held as collateral in a pawnshop or bank, then this information may also become available to users.

Benefits of the service

It is open to all users, and can be useful primarily to buyers of cars on the secondary market. Here you can find information that the seller does not advertise or directly hides. Using the VIN code, you can also search for spare components and parts, determine the mileage, and the difference between these indicators and the information on the car’s speedometer.

The service is completely free, you can check any number of VIN codes. It is also used by car buyers and lawyers involved in cases involving vehicles. This information is studied by representatives of banking structures, pawnshop appraisers and other persons.

The information is objective and is obtained from several trusted sources.

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