Decorating the parlor: what you should know about choosing the pictures

The living room is the front room in the house, where guests are received and spent time with the whole family. To give this room a special charm, it is worth decorating the walls of the living room with paintings. Wall art for living room should be chosen very carefully, following a number of criteria. Painting selection rules Experienced designers give a number of tips on the proper use of paintings in the interior:

  1. Vertically elongated narrow canvases are suitable for rooms with low ceiling heights.
  2. But in narrow rooms with high ceilings, such paintings will create the effect of a well.
  3. The volume of the room is of no small importance when choosing paintings. If you hang large canvases on the walls of a small room, the space will visually become even smaller. And in a very spacious room opposite — you should not place small images.
  4. If the living room is cluttered with furniture, the pictures should not be too bright, attracting a lot of attention. Cloths should harmoniously fit into the interior.
  5. For large paintings, an appropriate viewing angle is required. It should be possible to look at the canvas from afar (from a distance of 2 or more meters).

Image selection

When choosing a picture, you should always pay attention to the plot depicted. Each drawing carries a certain energy, which should be taken into account in order to choose a canvas that will really decorate the living room. According to Feng Shui, landscapes with a lot of greenery, rich flowers (forests, flowering meadows, hills) attract success and prosperity. Landscapes depicting bodies of water, i.e. calm sea, lake, pond bring peace and prosperity. The horse in the picture is a symbol of endurance, strength, powerful vital energy. It is strongly not recommended to decorate the interior with paintings depicting ruins, dilapidated huts, dry trees, etc. Such canvases are able to attract negative energy into the house.

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