Heat and sound insulation boards

Heat and sound insulation boards

Heat-insulating and sound-insulating boards Steiko and Izoplat are environmentally friendly and durable building materials. They have a special manufacturing technology. For the manufacture of such materials, special coniferous wood fibers are used. These cookers do not contain any chemicals, so they cannot harm your health in any way. Due to these quality characteristics, thermal insulation boards of these brands have found great popularity among numerous buyers. Such a tile is intended for finishing, since one of the sides of the tile is smooth. The Izoplat plate is used in rooms for finishing the ceiling, floor, walls, as well as in order to create the most effective thermal insulation. These tiles are just great alternatives to building materials such as plywood, drywall, etc..

In order to find a large assortment of thermal and sound insulation boards and purchase material at a very reasonable price, you just need to go to the site. Here is a large selection of famous brands of cookers that can be bought in a simple online mode with a couple of intuitive clicks..

Buy only proven products in this specialized online store. There is not only a convenient payment system, but also a fast delivery system. You just have to choose the right product and fill out the obligatory online application form. Each order is processed quickly, after which the company’s employees will deliver the purchased plates to the specified address as soon as possible. Delivery is carried out throughout Russia.

The offered slabs have numerous advantages.

They allow you to create maximum coziness, acoustic comfort, and also provide regulation of the microclimate in the room. Thanks to such plates, you can get rid of the appearance of condensation and mold. Purchase high-energy stoves at the most affordable prices and with fast delivery from our e-shop. Here, Steiko and Izoplat plates from the most manufacturers are always available..

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