How to choose ceramic tiles

Today, almost no renovation is complete without tiling the walls. Most often, ceramic tiles are used in the bathroom, toilet and kitchen..

The choice of tiles today is simply huge: you can buy inexpensive domestically produced material, or you can buy tiles from the elite Italian series. But the choice must be made competently, otherwise then a situation may arise when the cladding will need to be repeated again.

Tips for choosing ceramic tiles

The tile has many classifications (for example, A, AA, AC, etc.) that characterize its susceptibility to various chemicals. It is worth paying attention to these classifications (it is imperative to ask the seller about them). The fact is that ceramics can consist of different materials and their proportions (sand and quartz with the addition of clay in different combinations, other materials). And, for example, if you wipe some tiles with an alcohol solution while cleaning, the drawing can peel off. Moreover, the tile also has an abrasion class. It definitely needs to be clarified. On the reparto website, you can buy tiles from the world’s best manufacturers, and at a very reasonable price..

Tiles are also classified according to their strength. This, however, does not mean that the stronger the tile, the better it is. Not at all. Strength at the same time implies its much faster drying. That is, over time, chips and cracks may appear on such a tile. And it will be very difficult to remove it in case of repair. Durable tiles are relevant for premises in industrial enterprises, in hospitals, public institutions, but for an ordinary apartment or house this factor is not particularly important and should not be focused on..

As for the aesthetic appearance of the tiles, then it is better to trust the designer. Well, everyone has a well-known fact for a long time: tiles of cold shades with an infrequent pattern will make the room feel cool (and a little darker), and light, bright colors, on the contrary, will be warmer and lighter. It is better that the pattern on it was applied using a thermal apparatus — this will increase its stability.

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