How to install a water meter

Both statistics and the general population agree that installing a water meter at home makes it possible to significantly save money. Even though a mandatory calibration of water meters in Moscow will be required, the savings will still be at least double. So there is a definite sense in installing the meter. Well, the fact that you need to install water meters according to professional standards is hardly a secret for anyone..

First of all, place the meter where it will be convenient for you to read data from it. The most common mistake many people make is that they tend to hide the meter away from prying eyes, and as a result, they themselves suffer. If you still close the meter, make sure that there is an overhead tile on the window, otherwise the building materials will simply suffer when the check comes.

The installation of water meters itself has a strictly defined technique. First of all, the meters must be placed horizontally. Further. Be sure to replace the tap through which the water is supplied, especially if it is more than one year old (do not forget to turn off the water before starting work!). The old valve should be removed and a ball valve with internal and external threads should be installed in its place. A filter must be placed on top of the external thread, taking into account its position in relation to the flow of water — from the tap with a tip. This is a very important parameter for setting the meter. Threads can be tightened clockwise with tow or FUM.

Then you will need to put a pipe. There must be a union nut on the branch pipe, which was sold with the meter. And now after installing the nut, we can talk about installing a water consumption meter. It is attached with a rubber gasket and the same nut. When installing the meter, you also need to take into account the direction of the water flow. When it is installed in its place, you will need to take the second of the two nozzles and attach it to the check valve. When all these steps are completed, you will need to connect the entire structure back to the water supply system, and then submit an application to the local water utility for sealing the meter.

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