LED lamp

In the modern world, the topic of energy saving and energy-saving technologies is very popular, therefore, lamps based on light-emitting diodes or LED lamps are so relevant..

LED lighting technology is evolving at a fairly rapid pace. The consequence of this is a high growth in supply in the LED lighting market, in particular in the residential and office lighting sector..

To buy a street LED luminaire from the manufacturer, you should pay attention to the quality parameters of these lighting fixtures. First, you should look at the passport characteristics of the lighting fixture. Secondly, an important factor is the warranty period, which should not be less than two years..

Among the advantages of LED lighting technology, it should be noted that it is economical and has a maximum service life (from 2 to 10 years). You can buy energy efficient LED lights here. Of course, these advantages of LED lamps form a fairly high price for this product. However, it should be noted that LED lighting devices do not require maintenance and have a fairly high degree of reliability..

Compared to a standard fluorescent lamp, LED lighting technology has the most advantageous performance. This is due to the fact that even if damaged, the luminaire does not pose a threat to humans and the environment. While damage to an energy-saving lamp is dangerous to humans.

Considering the brightness indicator, it should be noted that the LED emits a directed beam of light, the angle of which is about 120 °.

When buying LED lamps, you need to pay attention to the country of origin. Most of the LED technology is exported from Asian countries, and these products are not always of good quality. The best manufacturer of such equipment is China, but here you should beware of counterfeits. The best quality products were recognized by LED lighting equipment from Germany and the USA, which is distinguished by functionality and long service life..

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