Professional cleaning or DIY cleaning?

There is a need for cleaning at all times. If, for some reason, cleaning with your own hands does not work out, you should contact a company whose employees know much more and have extensive experience in this area. Cleaning companies are engaged in professional cleaning of premises such as offices, country cottages and houses, city apartments, shops, cafes, theaters, etc. One of the main functions of companies is cleaning after renovation or construction..

Cleaning after renovation is a quick and high-quality disposal of dust, glue, paint stains, etc. After the repair of the premises, cleaning must be carried out with care, it must not only eliminate contamination with quality, but at the same time not damage the renewed ceilings, walls, floors and their surfaces. For this, the latest equipment is used, which guarantees the safety of the work done..

Cleaning the premises after construction implies the shortest possible time and a quality guarantee. Post-repair cleaning is:

washing windows and doors

cleaning glass and mirror surfaces

dust cleaning and removal from ventilation

removing paint, cement or construction glue stains

removing glue and grout residues from tiles

plumbing processing

mechanical cleaning of floors (granite, marble, parquet and tile coverings)

garbage collection after construction work

covering floors with wax or polymer (if necessary)


If you do the cleaning yourself, you need to purchase special tools and equipment for a more convenient and protective cleaning. Otherwise, there is a possibility of damage to the surfaces of new materials, not to mention the effort and time spent. Post-repair cleaning is a rather difficult and time-consuming process, which, in principle, is not subject to «two hands». And it’s best to entrust it to specialists..

After cleaning construction or renovation premises, cleanliness and comfort are created. The newly made repair itself, with proper professional cleaning, will delight the owners for many years. The saved money, time and nerves, the protection of new equipment or material are the result of good cleaning. Such cleaning can be started only at the end of the repair or construction work..

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