Tile restoration.

Is it possible to restore an old tile that has lost its visual appeal? With the use of certain tools, yes. Sometimes it is much cheaper to refurbish tiles than buying new ones. Tiles can deteriorate from constant moisture, improper installation, or the use of abrasive cleaners. All these factors spoil the appearance and impair the practical qualities of the tile..

It is worth considering that if the faucets are built into the wall, then during restoration, replacement will be required. It is better to replace the old plumbing equipment with new Togliatti faucets, which have not only an attractive decorative appearance, but also durability, since they are made of high-quality materials.

If a piece of tile breaks off, you can put it back. You just need to grind off the old solution remaining on the surface. Then smear the back of the piece and the chip with glue and carefully put in place. If a whole tile has fallen off, together with a piece of mortar, you will have to remove the entire tile, clean the wall again and lay the tiles.

Mold on ceramic tiles can be removed with lemon juice or a special compound, then washed with a soapy compound, treated with an antiseptic and wiped dry. The joints between tiles, if they are blackened, can be cleaned with hydrogen peroxide. Small scratches can be removed with a special varnish sold in the store. Color-matched or colorless nail polish may also work..

If the tile fell off and split into several parts, and there is nothing to replace it, you can restore the tile with epoxy glue. It is necessary to glue all the scattered particles of the tile very carefully and painstakingly. When gluing, make sure that all parts of the tile are evenly connected. After gluing the tile and it is completely dry, grease the gaps between the glued particles with colorless nail polish. Gently erase the back of the bonded tile and the surface to which the tile will be bonded with sandpaper. Now you should prepare a solution of cement and alabaster and with this glue the tiles in place.

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