We build great swings for children

Family and children are the meaning of a person’s life, therefore, for children, their parents are always ready to do everything in their power. Any parent is ready to make every effort to provide their child with the best and highest quality. What could be better than doing something pleasant for the child with your own hands, putting your whole soul into it?

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If a child spends the summer in the country or in the village with relatives, you can quickly and easily make an excellent swing balancer for him. To do this, you will need a simple set of objects: a main wide board, several small slats, several iron tubes of different widths, a piece of iron, a thick bar from which the swing supports will be made. In addition, of course, you will need a tool and fasteners..

First, you need to mark the middle of the main board and attach to it along the edges two strips of equal length, made of thin strips. After that, you need to saw off four short strips from the remaining rails and drill round holes in them, insert metal tubes into the resulting holes — these will be special handles, thanks to which the child will be able to hold on while riding the swing and will not fall off it. So, the base of the swing is ready..

Next, we proceed with the installation of the supports for the swing, which will securely hold them. To do this, you will need two identical pieces of thick durable timber, which are driven into the ground to the same depth. For children to ride, this will be enough; there is no need to strengthen them by pouring concrete. The swing will be attached to the supports driven into the ground with iron loops and a third tube. This design will allow the swing to swing on the supports as reliably and quietly as possible..

So, the swing-balance weights are ready, it remains to paint them in bright colors and you can invite the children to an impromptu attraction. Such entertainment guarantees the child a lot of positive emotions..

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