What kind of radon is this?

What kind of radon is this?

What is radon and why is everyone suddenly checking their homes and neighborhoods for it? Why is it worth looking at the radon situation in the neighborhood before buying a property? In general, in this article, the main answers to your questions about radon.

What is radon?

Radon is a gas that is colorless and odorless. It has been linked to cancer. It is produced naturally by the decay of uranium, which is usually found in rocks or soil. According to American studies, radon is the main cause of lung cancer in nonsmokers..

How radon comes into the house?

Radon is a gas that comes from soil or rocks. It can seep through cracks in foundations, floors, ceilings, walls, cavities around pipes, and so on. It can then become trapped inside the house and accumulate in the air, reaching dangerous levels. Some new homes are being built with features that help prevent radon from entering the home..

Does it often occur?

The situation with the level of radon can be viewed on radon maps on the Internet in a particular region. Medium levels are quite common, but dangerous levels of radon are not uncommon.

What is a dangerous level of radon?

Outside air, on average, has 0.4 picoccuries of radon per liter of air. If the air inside the house has 4 picocuries or more, it is not safe..

The level of radon concentration can change over time, so when buying a house it is worth checking its level even if you are shown the results of previous checks.

How to check a house for radon?

The cheapest option is a radon test kit. There are instruments for long-term testing, there are kits for several tests. There is a more expensive option — finding a specialist who will conduct a qualified test in the area.

Is it possible to reduce the level of radon in the house?

Yes. Even high radon levels can be reduced to normal levels. To do this, you need to hire a qualified contractor for the job. The most common solution is to install ventilation systems and pipes that will pull radon out of the air in the house. It will also need to seal the cracks in the foundation..

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