What materials should you pay attention to when decorating your bathroom ceiling?

The bathroom is intended not only for basic hygiene procedures, but also for rest and relaxation, so design can play an important role here. This also applies to the ceiling, when choosing which you need to take into account many factors..

The main thing in choosing a ceiling finish is its resistance to temperature extremes and high humidity, strength and, of course, an attractive appearance. Agree, contemplation of an unpleasant, oppressive ceiling while taking a bath will not contribute to complete relaxation, and insufficient moisture resistance can lead to deformation and the need for new repairs..

Much depends on the overall style of the bathroom. For a room made in a classic sophisticated style, ordinary paint of the corresponding color is suitable. In this case, it is important to level the surface, patch up the cracks, and only then proceed to painting. The advantage of this finishing method is in maintaining the true height of the ceiling..

In the bathroom in the Art Nouveau style, equipped with the most modern sanitary ware, stretch ceilings made of thin PVC film will look great. For the installation of such a ceiling, a frame is first constructed, which is fixed around the perimeter, and the used film is stretched over it, which is combined in color with the plumbing. Such ceilings are stylish, are not afraid of natural and artificial lighting and protect against possible leaks from neighbors from above..

Originals should pay attention to slatted ceilings. They can be similar to structures for false ceilings, but instead of tiles, they have aluminum strips, coated with a special varnish. The slatted ceiling will look especially harmonious in the bathroom, which has a simple bathtub or sink. These ceilings are environmentally friendly, durable, strong, non-flammable and are not afraid of high humidity and its negative consequences..

In order not to get lost in the diversity of the range of ceiling coverings, contact a designer who will guide you on materials and manufacturers, will give you valuable advice on combining the ceiling, plumbing and the overall interior of the bathroom..

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