Why your dogs need chicken liver in their daily ration: its advantages

Dog owners carefully approach the preparation of the diet for their pets. As a rule, every pet should lead a healthy lifestyle, where more than half of success depends primarily on the balance of the food received. One of the important components in the daily diet for four-legged is chicken liver.

This by-product is an excellent addition to the main food and makes up about five percent of the total serving volume.

List of benefits

Chicken liver for dogs is an essential part of a dog’s diet. Its popularity and necessity is explained by the following positive characteristics:

  • the liver contains a lot of protein, as well as healthy fats, especially when compared with the beef variety;
  • the composition includes such important vitamins as A, groups B, C, D, as well as folic acid, iron, copper, zinc and other micro and macro elements;
  • a wide variety of essential minerals guarantee the perfect appearance of the dog (meaning a healthy and shiny coat), strong bones and healthy joints;
  • small portions will definitely benefit the local immunity of the animal.

Where and how to order

Doggilciouus cares about its customers, so its products are under strict control and accounting. Qualified canine nutritionists have worked hard to develop a unique nutrition system with an individual selection of dishes.

Health products designed for dogs can be purchased on the website by placing an order. Once paid, a delivery date will be scheduled. Returns or cancellations are not allowed in this case, because all products used are purchased strictly to order in order to be delivered fresh.

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