Wooden windows

Currently, the building market offers a huge range of PVC windows of various shapes, sizes and colors. People who have not yet replaced old wooden windows with new ones change them to plastic, believing that it is much stronger and more durable than wood, although this opinion is erroneous. It arose for two reasons. Firstly, citizens simply do not know all the properties of modern materials used in the manufacture of wooden windows. Secondly, the population has a stereotype that timber windows serve little, they are fragile and do not save from the fierce Russian frosts..

Advantages of wooden euro windows

If we consider everything in order, then wooden euro-windows have a lot of advantages. Today, thermowood is used for their manufacture. This is a relatively new material, the main advantages of which are its strength and low thermal conductivity, which does not allow heat from the house to go out into the street. In addition, the windows are resistant to moisture, so they do not rot and swell. They do not need to be treated with anything: neither varnish nor paint, because the wood is resistant to attacks of parasites and looks great. Even choosing the cheapest types of wood, you can achieve a unique pattern that creates the illusion of a noble wood.

It should be said that thermowood windows are distinguished by unique sound insulation. Unlike plastic windows, which use two-chamber and three-chamber double-glazed windows, they are completely sealed, protecting your home from street noise, dust and dirt..

And, of course, wooden windows are much more aesthetic than their plastic competitors. They are suitable for any interior, from classics to avant-garde, from hi-tech to minimalism. When ordering a window, you can choose a model of any shape and color, which is suitable for any room in your home..

Thermowood euro-windows combine all the positive characteristics of PVC windows and ordinary wood. They are durable, strong, do not undergo deformation, are resistant to temperature extremes and create an atmosphere of comfort in your home..

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