An open building lesson was held for the girls of Guam

The construction industry is predominantly male, but a local initiative on the island of Guam (an island in the western Pacific Ocean, unincorporated organized territory of the United States) allowed girls to learn what kind of industry it is and what they do in it. As part of an open lesson, more than 50 girls of primary and secondary school age studied the topic of construction and learned about the professions associated with it. This project was launched in order to interest the female population from a young age in studying subjects related to career development in the construction industry..

The girls were given pink T-shirts, white gloves and helmets. Then they were shown construction tools, how they work and told how the technique differs from each other. They were also told about the different professions and what different people do in the construction industry..

The project organizers hope to encourage young girls to explore careers and opportunities in the construction industry — be it project management or pipeline maintenance, engineering or architecture, or home design or renovation. One of the representatives of the initiative noted that usually men work in the construction industry, but in the 21st century we have technologies that require brains from workers in the industry, not physical strength. Builders need to know mathematics, think logically, and be able to quickly solve problems. So women can be a great addition to the industry..

The girls were also shown how to use a power tool and how a crane works; told what an electric wire is, how to operate an excavator and how it differs from a loader. One of the girls said it was fun to be a builder. Another commented that «the construction equipment looks heavy and would be fun to operate.» The third liked the story of how houses are built from cement. In the end, all the girls really liked the unique proud slogan of this event: «Girls can do everything that boys can.».

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