AvtoVAZ will no longer produce sevens

AvtoVAZ, which is updating its own model range, has decided to finally say goodbye to the Lada 2107 model, which is still being produced by IzhAvto. In the first quarter, sales of «classics» became very low, and therefore the production of «sevens» is planned to be stopped next week.

The date has not yet been determined, but next week the production of this car will definitely stop..

As the publication informs, the serial production of the Lada 2107 car of the Lada 2105 modification was started in one thousand nine hundred and eighty second. The appearance of this car differs from the car called Lada 2105 only in the shape of the hood, trunk and rear headlights. At the same time, the radiator grill became chrome-plated and acquired a slightly larger area, and chrome pads were installed on the bumpers.

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