Buying a new building — advantages

Tuesday 20 September 2016.

Buying an apartment is an important and costly undertaking. The main dilemma facing future home owners is the choice of the real estate market. What to prefer: primary or secondary housing? Most people still opt for buying an apartment in a new building. The following advantages of such houses can be noted:

Saving on repairs. An apartment in a new building does not require rough finishing, and if there is such a need, then the costs will be minimal. All that is required is to carry out a cosmetic renovation of the rooms, and, if desired, change the design ideas. But when buying an apartment in the secondary real estate market, you should be prepared for the costs of rough work, redevelopment, primary and final cosmetic finishing.

Ready-made engineering systems. You don’t have to puzzle over how to route pipes, what plumbing to buy, what to do with the wiring. It doesn’t matter what kind of apartment it is — whether it’s new buildings in Petropavlovskaya Borschagovka or new houses in Balashikha. An apartment in an old house often requires a complete replacement of both electrical wiring and piping..

New apartment — new life. The psychological factor should not be ruled out either. Many people are wary of buying an old apartment, because it already has a certain energy of the people living in it. An apartment in a new building is an opportunity to start life «from scratch», to fill the space with your energy, emotions and happy family moments.

Saving. Many people think in advance that buying an apartment in a new building is initially more expensive than buying a home in an old building. This is a wrong opinion. Most developers offer their clients incredibly favorable terms of purchase. For example, houses under construction are priced cheaper than fully rebuilt houses, so purchasing them is a great opportunity to save money..

New building insurance is issued faster, and the amount of payments is higher than insurance compensation for apartments in the secondary market. In addition, the insurance process itself involves less paperwork and red tape associated with obtaining municipal certificates..

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