Calculation of the number of heating radiator sections

People build houses for themselves and carry out heating, or, living in an apartment or an old house, replace worn-out heating systems with new ones. Buying radiators for themselves, home, everyone asks a completely natural question: how many, in fact, radiator sections need to be taken for each room?

Quite high requirements are imposed on modern radiators, and the calculation of the number of heating radiator sections is carried out as follows.

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Find out in advance the exact area that you are going to heat with this radiator. Usually, one square meter of area is taken as the standard unit of calculation, for which 110 watts is considered sufficient. That is, for example, 1650 watts are required for a 15-meter room..

According to the data in the radiator passport, we find out what the thermal power of each section is with a heat heater heated to 70 degrees. This figure can range from 130 to 195 watts. For example, your selected radiator has a section power of 180 watts. Divide 1650 by this number to get 9 penny sections.

Now we decide whether to take 9 sections or 10?

It is impossible to give an exact answer to this question without specifying the details. The answer can be obtained by adding to the standard calculations the individual, so to speak, features of your layout, such as the size of the glazed surfaces, the height of the ceilings, the cold basement or attic with which the room is in contact, the type of wall insulation (mineral wool, polystyrene, etc.).

If the windows have triple-glazed windows, and the rooms above and below the room are heated, then, of course, you need to take 9 sections. And, in general, the better the house is insulated, the less heat loss and the less radiator sections will be required..

The calculation also takes into account where the radiator is located. If it is completely covered by the screen, then the loss of heat transfer will be up to a quarter of the numbers you got in your calculations..

The presence of a window sill above the radiator can be disregarded. It takes away only 3% of the heat. A radiator installed in a niche will lose a little more — about 7%.

Video on calculating the number of sections in heating radiators

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