We consider and choose an electric hoist

In this article, we would like to tell you about electric hoists and how to choose the model you need. Let’s start with the definition of the hoist as such. The hoist is a suspension device for lifting loads. The hoist has either a manual or a mechanical drive..

The electric hoist consists of an electric motor, a reducer, a drum for winding a rope (or chain) and a hook to hold the load. It is very easy to use such a construction. It is enough to connect it to the network and fix the object necessary for lifting on the hook. After this simple procedure, you just need to press a button and the load will go up quickly when the drum begins to wind the chain (or cable, depending on the model) on itself. You need to press the button again when the hook with the load is at the desired height.

The electric hoist is stationary, which is installed in one place and is used only for lifting and lowering loads in this place. There is also a mobile hoist (hoist with a longitudinal course). Such structures can be moved, which means that they can be used to move the load not only vertically, but also horizontally. And, of course, such hoists can be used in different parts of the room..

How to choose an electric hoist?

The electric hoist is selected according to a number of parameters. One of these parameters is the power of the electric hoist. The higher this indicator, the more weighty your cargo can be. In addition to increasing the weight of the load, the speed of its movement also increases with power. Large manufacturing companies order hoists with a large capacity of 1500-7500W, depending on the needs. Small workshops, as a rule, have enough hoists with a capacity of up to a thousand. Please note that although professional hoists will lift 1000 kg (or even several times more), they need to be powered from a 380V network.

Electric hoists can lift different loads, from one hundred kilograms to several thousand. The required lifting capacity is indicated in the description of specific equipment, however, we advise you to choose models with a thirty percent higher lifting capacity than you need..

There is also a parameter of the height to which the hoist raises. It depends on the cable, so when choosing, consider this particular item in the product card.

The Proektstroy portal wishes you a good choice!

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