Controversial relations between Japan and China

Events that unfold around Japan and China over time begin to gain momentum. It would seem that two Asian countries, but cannot come to one common compromise solution.

As always, relations between the two countries are influenced by issues of territorial affiliation of one or another part of the island, or the mainland. So here, between the two countries, a dispute again flared up around the islands called Diaoyutai or Senkaku in Japanese. The reason for the complication of Japanese-Chinese relations is the landing of people from China and Japan on this island. These actions in both countries raised a wave of demonstrations and protests of the population. And now it remains to puzzle whether the countries will be able to make concessions to each other? Will not succumb to fickle public opinion?

To understand why Japan and China cannot divide this island in any way, let us turn to history. Each of the countries claims to be the sole owners of these islands. China backs up their case by claiming that they discovered it in 1371. Japan relies on the Simonek Treaty of 1895, which marked the end of the first Sino-Japanese War. Having lost the war in 1945, Japan lost all its territories and was occupied for 7 years by US troops. But in 1970, the United States returned this island to the Japanese state. Thus, we see that, starting from the 19th century, the question of the islands remained open..

So far, the two states have not made any compromise decisions. You understand, not buying electronic train tickets. It just doesn’t solve the issue. An interesting fact that greatly influences the development of the dispute is the fact that in 1999 large reserves of natural gas were discovered on this island, with a volume of approximately 200 billion cubic meters..

If we go back to the 21st century, we will see that, despite all the negotiations, attempts to resolve the issue peacefully will in no way be crowned with success. There are many reasons, but the main one is gas deposits. This is especially important for Japan, which mainly imports resources. Nobody just wants to give «their» resources to another country. Moreover, everyone considers the territory of the island to be part of their state..

The most interesting fact is that Japan has contradictory relations with many countries. They cannot solve the problem with Russia regarding the Kuril Islands; a similar situation with the Republic of Korea — Dokdo Islands; problems with the PRC — Senkaku Island.

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