The second stage of training pensioners in computer basics begins in Minsk

The second stage of the social project «Networks of all ages are submissive» has begun in the capital of Belarus. Its main goal is to teach the elderly people of Minsk computer literacy.

In the capital of Belarus, Minsk, the second stage of the social project «Networks of all ages are submissive» has started, the purpose of which was to teach older people the basics of computer science. A little earlier, the entry of a unique experiment into the next phase was announced by the UN Foundation UNFPA represented by Olga Gerasenko, a public relations specialist. The quality organizers of the program are MTS company together with the aforementioned UNFPA. The project, in addition, enjoys the support of the «Belarusian Association of Social Workers» and is being implemented in line with another well-known program — «University of the Third Age». Its main task is to instill in older people the skills to use a computer and the global Internet. By the way, something similar within the framework of the «University of the Third Age» is practiced in other Belarusian cities, for example, Brest, Grodno, Gomel, etc. The presence of their own PS for the project participants is not at all necessary, but buying a computer in Rogachev, Bobruisk, Pinsk and other settlements today is not difficult. After all, not only the capital can boast of good stores of computer equipment. The project «Networks of all ages are submissive» consists of sixteen sessions on such relevant topics as searching for the necessary information on the Internet, communication via e-mail services, social networks, Internet banking, and more. About 300 elderly Minsk residents took part in the first stage. About 50 volunteers helped them acquire and improve the basics of computer science. Graduates of our program became part of the online community — they were able to continue communicating with each other and volunteers using social networks, e-mail, — said Tatyana Kurbat, head of the PR group of MTS. — The project helped the older generation to acquire new skills and knowledge, find themselves an interesting activity that makes everyday life easier and relieves loneliness, lack of communication.

At the second stage, the project also needs the support of volunteers who are ready to transfer their knowledge to extraordinary students at least once a week for four months. Before these potential mentors will be trained themselves.

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