Who benefits from raising the interest rate on land tax?

According to Auezkhan Darinov, President of the Union of Farmers of Kazakhstan, if the rate on land tax is raised, this will be followed by massive bankruptcy of small farmers and social tension in rural areas..

And the state just needs this increase in tax rates on land, because, according to Kadyrkhan Otarov, who holds the post of head of the land management agency, an increase in interest on tax on land use can solve the problem of unused land. The number of deputies who were against this bill turned out to be quite a lot. Vladislav Kosarev, who is a member of the Mazhilis deputies, spoke especially vehemently.

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However, Auezkhan Darinov insists that expensive land will be an excellent way to encourage many farmers to work harder and more efficiently. Otherwise it will be just a waste of time and money. The essence of his idea is as follows — the more expensive the land plot will be, the more carefully and carefully the user will treat it..

The state, in the opinion of the Union of Farmers of Kazakhstan, sees only a small fraction of the whole problem. The whole problem lies not in low tax rates on land, but in the low level of material and technical equipment of practically every farm in rural areas. Another problem of the situation is the fact that small farmers do not receive the funds that the state allocates for them. That is why the state should help rural farmers. After all, it is not because of a good life that they patch up their equipment with thirty years of experience, they rent cattle only in order to purchase spare parts for agricultural equipment.

Auezkhan Darinov is sure that the government of the state is obliged to help small farmers in farming. In addition, it must do everything possible to ensure that support is not only on paper, but also that it is done in practice and reaches the farmer. The President of the Union of Kazakh Farmers is absolutely sure that if all these requirements are met, the problem with unused land resources in agriculture will be easily resolved by itself..

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