Bridge, river

This object has such a fate that unwittingly sets it apart from others in Kazakhstan. The construction of a bridge across the Ural River in the administrative center of the West Kazakhstan region began in the «good old days», that is, under Soviet rule. Since the republic never had its own specialized organizations in this matter, bridge builders from different Russian cities worked here. Then the notorious «parade of sovereignties» happened, followed by an economic crisis. Although the construction of the bridge continued, payment for the completed volumes was now constantly delayed, or even postponed altogether for an indefinite period. For this reason, the bridge builders stopped work several times. However, the object in Uralsk is one of the most significant in Kazakhstan, and therefore they did not forget about it: the press periodically woke up this topic. The increased attention is also explained by the fact that the bridge across the Urals not only connects the two banks of the river, it is an important link on the shortest route from Central Asia to the European part of Russia. As a result, the story of inviting bridge builders from a neighboring state repeated itself over and over again, with no visible result. There is also a rather funny moment in it. A couple of years ago, when the President of Kazakhstan, Nursultan Nazarbayev, arrived in Uralsk, the local authorities invited him to take part in the solemn open … of the bridge across the Urals. The head of state spoke heartfelt words and cut the red ribbon. But when the ceremony ended and the president left, the entrance to the bridge was closed. The fact is that every driver who dared to update the shortest route from Central Asia to Russia could well end up not on the other bank, but at the bottom of the river. The object was not finished. And the main difficulty was not so much in the construction of an automobile crossing through the Urals itself, but in the construction of many kilometers of approaches to it through the constantly flooded floodplain. And the work here has yet to start and finish. And now the republic has decided to return to the long-suffering object again. The Ministry of Transport and Communications of the Republic of Kazakhstan announced a tender for public procurement of works and services for the reconstruction of a bridge across the Ural River. The required delivery time is 2000. Potential suppliers who meet the qualification requirements stipulated in Article 10 of the Law of Kazakhstan «On Public Procurements» are admitted to the tender.

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