Each Moscow family — a separate royal apartment

As they declared and promised the people in 1986, to settle each, at that time Soviet, family in a separate apartment by 2000, they waited … but there was no apartment for everyone, and no one promises any more. Yes, there are no Soviet families already. And about the Soviet Union, ask the kids, they no longer know. And the housing issue, as it stood squarely for many, is still worth it. And especially in Moscow: expensive, cramped, noisy, … traffic jams, crush, gas pollution. But, at the same time, a good high-paying job is offered to the people in Moscow, which means that it will not work to go far, with all the desire. So many small towns in the vicinity of Moscow choose. There are not so many of them: Mytishchi, Odintsovo, Podolsk, Krasnogorsk, Chekhov … and there are also villages, villages, settlements. But Muscovites are more accustomed and more convenient to choose a small town for living, after all, some kind of civilization. And in this small list, in the most advantageous position, in the opinion of many, Mr. Korolev. Clean, comfortable, beautiful, intelligent city. Try to find another one on the map where 67% of residents have a higher or secondary technical education! The city of Korolyov is the leader in this indicator in Russia. And it is not surprising, because since 1950 a number of research institutes, design bureaus and factories have been located there, which have become the basis of the country’s space program. So, having decided to settle in this city, you can count on a well-defined and higher than the average for Russia, the level of culture of the inhabitants. When interacting with peers, your children are more likely to study diligently in school and university, because the general level of education is above the national average. The city has a little more than 200 thousand inhabitants, so that rush hour and traffic jams, crowding in the streets and in public transport will not threaten you. And all these advantages are only 8 km from the MKD, only 7 minutes on the way at an average speed. And by train, you can get to the Yaroslavl railway station without problems and traffic jams. Thus, by choosing Korolev as the place of your future residence, you acquire all the advantages of living in a small town, while not losing contact with Moscow. So, you should not endlessly wait for the fulfillment of someone’s promises, today you can buy comfortable and relatively inexpensive housing. Choosing an apartment in Korolev on quite acceptable and realistic conditions. After all, we want to live well here and now, and not sometime there, in the distant future.!

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