Family estates — even to the greatness of Russia

Rise to non-economic aspects

According to Petrov, Russian agriculture is not limited solely to the agro-industrial complex — 62 percent of the products are grown by the population. Moreover, interestingly, these 62 percent of agricultural products are grown by people on 2 percent of the land, and the rest of the area is declining..

But none of the participants in the round table raised this issue, the expert is indignant. Nobody looked at our economy from the perspective of family needs. Each talked only about his enterprise, the catastrophic situation in his industry, about the decline in production, that is, about the loss of his profits. It never occurred to anyone to think about nature, through which we produce any products and satisfy our needs..

Petrov voices the conclusion he came to after understanding this fact: members of the business community are so mired in «narrow» current problems that they can no longer free their thoughts to rise to understanding the non-economic aspects of the economy and agriculture, as, in fact, the reasons its decline in our country in particular and the world in general.

Russia’s special way

Vasily Petrov declares that the economy of any state can be characterized as ecologically constructive or ecologically destructive — much depends on what policy the state is guided by in relation to the use of natural resources and what values ​​dominate in society.

The deep cultural and spiritual code of civilization, which is weakly subject to political or economic impact, also affects the national economy. He determines which path society will take: it will give up in favor of material needs, more and more turning to the exploitation of natural resources, as Western civilization preaches; will give up material needs in favor of spiritual needs, as in Eastern civilization. Or it will bring together all the advantages of civilizations: the satisfaction of «biological» material needs with a simultaneous growth of spiritual and cultural needs by increasing the biological productivity of the earth on the basis of new knowledge.

It is the last path that Petrov calls the special path of Russia, exclusively Russian civilization, along which the Russian society must follow, increasing first the possibilities of ours, and then of all mankind..

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