Strong arguments for buying a sick leave

Each of us at least once in our life is faced with the need to issue a sick leave. If you are really sick, or there is an exacerbation of a chronic disease, or a child is sick, then it will not be difficult to officially register a sick leave in a polyclinic. But often there are such delicate situations when we are completely healthy, but for personal reasons we do not have the opportunity, or we simply do not want to go to work. Then one of the options for solving the problem is to buy a sick leave..

Motives for buying a sick leave:

1. The most common motive: «To spite the boss.» This happens when you are not provided with vacation, and you have bought tickets to the sea, or there is simply an urgent need for vacation..

2. «I am not appreciated.» This is a reason arising from the unfair attitude of the team or leadership. When an employee, with his unexpected sick leave, wants to show colleagues his importance and give an estimate of the amount of work he does.

3. «External appearance or internal state does not allow going to work.» This happens if the employee has received some stress, is in unstable mental balance, or simply bruises and abrasions appear on the face. All these reasons cannot become a sufficient basis for the official registration of a certificate of incapacity for work, and then a decision is made that it is easier to buy a sick leave than to explain to colleagues your condition.

4. «I have a session.» This is a weighty argument for those employees who are simultaneously completing distance learning at a university, while the employer refuses to let him go on academic leave..

5. Other personal motives. It can be a wedding, and a desire to be with relatives, and the execution of urgent documents..

According to opinion polls, the percentage of Russians who decide to buy a sick leave is quite small: only 7% of those surveyed admitted this. This is probably due to the fear of exposure and subsequent punishment. The interviewed employers, on the other hand, admit that they rarely verify the authenticity of certificates of incapacity for work, trusting their employees. Especially in successful enterprises with a high level of salaries, they do not consider it necessary to check sick leave. This is argued by the fact that employees of such enterprises do not have a tendency to negligence, because their daily work is well paid..

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