In Yekaterinburg, all records are being broken in terms of housing construction

At the same time, the following picture is observed in the region: the greater the distance from Yekaterinburg, the fewer new houses are being built.

— This year it is expected that about 2 million square meters of housing will be commissioned in the region as a whole, and next year these figures will be even higher. The problem is that the greater the distance from Yekaterinburg, the smaller the volumes are observed in construction, — emphasized Dmitry Niskovskikh, advisor to the chairman in the government of the Sverdlovsk region. — For example, in Nizhniy Tagil, the population of which is more than 200 thousand inhabitants, this year only 100 thousand square meters are being built. A similar number will be commissioned in Verkhnyaya Pyshma, the population of which is much smaller..

Although the regional center also has problems that can hinder the implementation of these ambitious plans. Now, 20 percent of the territory in the city is occupied by the private sector. If only to build up these open spaces with high-rise buildings and to resettle tenants from old houses. But due to the introduction of the new Urban Development Code, now the land redemption procedure completely depends on the wishes of its owners..

— Imagine a situation, a developer comes to the owner of an individual house with a small plot and says to him: «We are ready to buy real estate from you.» And the owner replies to him: «I want two million euros for it, well, and a house in Cannes.» The numbers are sometimes called so fantastic that the developer simply has no opportunity to buy the land. Today, the only mechanism when a developer has the opportunity to file a claim with the purchase of a plot at a price set by an independent appraiser is land auctions intended for the development of built-up areas. Only the requirements for the plots that are put up for such auctions are very peculiar — at least one, but an apartment building should be erected on such a plot. And this only limits the development of this mechanism. To date, only two such auctions have been held in Yekaterinburg, — says Vyacheslav Trapeznikov, executive director at the NP SRO «Guild of Ural Builders».

Only plots without encumbrances can be put up for a simple auction, and in Yekaterinburg there are fewer and fewer such plots every year..

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