Heat supply and hot water supply have been restored in some regions of Russia and Ukraine

This weekend turned out to be difficult for some regions of the country. Residents of the Samara region, Pyatigorsk, Moscow region were left in the cold without heating and hot water.

Over the weekend, the official sites of numerous media outlets in droves reported on emergencies, which were taken hostage by several Russian regions at once: Zhigulevsk in the Samara region, Balashikha near Moscow, Pyatigorsk. Ukrainian Donetsk should also be added to the list. All these settlements are united by the fact that their inhabitants were left without heat supply and hot water in cold weather. At the moment, restoration work at the facilities has been completed. The city authorities, together with the population who experienced a lot of inconvenience from the lack of heat, as well as the employees of public utilities, carried out operational measures to eliminate the consequences. The out-of-order equipment has been replaced; in the future, it is planned to carry out a more thorough calculation of the number of heating radiator sections in a number of residential premises in order to increase efficiency and reduce unnecessary heating costs. Of course, it is impossible to predict an emergency, but it is quite possible to reduce its consequences to a minimum if you prepare more carefully for the heating season. Thus, a burst of a pipeline in the city of Zhigulevsk, Samara Region, left 101 houses with a population of 1,025 people and 6 social facilities without heat. At the moment, the hotbed of the problem has been eliminated. According to the assurances of the regional service of the Ministry of Emergency Situations, heat supply has been restored in Pyatigorsk as well. Let us remind you that on Saturday 5 five-story buildings on different streets of the city were left without heat overnight. The reason for its shutdown was an accident on the heating main. However, by 21.00 local time, the specialists managed to establish the supply of heat to all objects. Residents of Balashikha near Moscow on their legal day off also could neither warm up nor take a hot bath: the supply of hot water and heating was stopped. As a result, at a temperature of about one degree Celsius, about 3 thousand inhabitants were left without heating, 650 of whom are children. On this fact, the Moscow Region Prosecutor’s Office will check. A breakthrough on the heating main occurred yesterday in Ukrainian Donetsk, leaving 105 high-rise buildings, 3 schools, 5 kindergartens without heating. The accident was eliminated on the same day, and the system was again filled with water..

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