Features and parameters of the RuAssets service

Events in the world led to the isolation of Russia and Belarus in the international arena. Sanctions are announced to public and private structures, businessmen, officials, and politicians.

There is a site for checking links with them to avoid contact with suspicious counterparties. Here is a list of russia sanctions and identified interactions between various entities.

Service features

The resource allows you to find out the main features of people and companies involved in the outbreak and conduct of the Russian-Ukrainian war, supporting the regime financially or technologically. In addition, it is planned to expand the capabilities of the site by adding new information.

Among the main parameters of the portal, it is worth highlighting:

  1. The site allows you to study the connections of different levels, between countries, companies or people, to find out which parties are or may be included in the sanctions lists.
  2. Allows for international verification for corporations and individuals.
  3. Allows you to identify links with persons affected by sanctions.
  4. Identify all war criminals guilty of illegal actions on the territory of Ukraine and subject to international prosecution.
  5. It is planned to post information about all types of real estate of persons subject to sanctions.
  6. Data will appear that will help track all the relationships and chains to identify the ultimate beneficiary of the company or the ongoing transaction.

Such a resource makes it possible to avoid ties with individuals and companies that have fallen under sanctions, which in turn will eliminate the risk of secondary punishments from Western countries or their financial structures.


The resource has collected a list of all important persons in the field of politics, business or management from Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Kazakhstan. The system already has more than 50 sanctions registers, they are constantly updated with new data. This approach achieves two goals:

  1. Publish all those sanctioned, which allows you to quickly find the person or company you are looking for.
  2. Avoid links with discredited organizations and individuals.

Also, the study of the entire chain of connections makes it possible to identify intermediaries, recipients of benefits from transactions and put them on the list for imposing penalties.

The software allows you to update all the data on a continuous basis, as new figurants appear. Such an approach will secure business and will not tarnish business or political reputation. The resource helps politicians, businessmen from around the world.

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