Garbage removal

If the house is not cleaned for a long time, then it will soon become overgrown with garbage. And if on a city scale? It’s hard to imagine what would happen if the garbage was not cleaned up regularly. Garbage removal is a real problem for any settlement, and even more so for Moscow. Our capital produces waste much more than any other region of the country..

The Group of Companies «Predstavitelstvo» is a real «cleaner» for Moscow and the region. Its scope of activity is aimed at cleaning our streets, avenues, courtyards, gardens and parks, territories of industrial enterprises and construction sites from constantly accumulating garbage. She provides a whole range of services related to this:

removal of household waste. This service implies work with residential buildings, public, trade and educational institutions, catering establishments. Household waste is disposed of in special containers;

removal of industrial waste. A contract is concluded with the enterprises, a schedule for garbage disposal is drawn up. The company has a powerful fleet of special equipment and containers of various capacities for waste disposal. The company’s licenses allow you to remove any type of waste. Hazardous waste is no exception;

removal of construction waste. Each construction site inevitably produces a huge amount of various construction waste. Small waste is collected in bags, larger ones — in containers or bins. Removal of construction waste is carried out by garbage trucks with a volume of up to 30 cubic meters..

removal of garden and park waste;

removal of scrap metal;

snow removal is a seasonal service carried out in accordance with the Decree of the Moscow Government. Snow is removed by garbage trucks and dump trucks and delivered to snow-melting stations;

rent of special equipment. The company rents dump trucks, JCB excavators and JCB tractors. The equipment is always in good order, the staff is highly qualified.

GC «Predstavitelstvo» works with almost all administrative districts of the capital — these are Central, Northern and Southern, Western and Eastern districts, North-West Administrative District, South-West Administrative District, South-Eastern Administrative District and North-Eastern Administrative District, as well as the Zelenograd Administrative District.

By contacting the company, you will receive high quality services, a convenient form of payment and a flexible price system.

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