English cobblestone paving slabs — characteristics and application

They take out the yard near the house, recreation areas, paths and many other areas. «English cobblestone» has a regular geometric (rectangular) shape, the edges of which are slightly rounded. Due to the convex surface, the coating does not slip, it is convenient to walk on it. Such a product gives a strict, noble look.

Main characteristics


for the manufacture use concrete No. M 500;

produced in two versions: small (square shape, side of which is 160 mm) and large (160x240x60 mm);

frost resistance class — F200 (transfers two hundred freeze-thaw cycles).

It should be noted that the «Cobblestone» tile in its structure and color fully corresponds to the real natural material. It looks like this due to the special form in which it is produced..

Often, such a product is sometimes difficult to distinguish from natural material..


Main advantages:

tolerates temperature changes well;


the abrasion rate is low, so such a product is suitable for public places;

resistant to moisture;

high strength indicator;


a large selection of colors (tiles with a reddish and brown tint are considered a classic option);

low cost;

It is also worth noting that this material, although created artificially, is environmentally friendly, meets all the requirements and standards..

Manufacturing and application

Manufacturing of paving slabs «English Cobblestone» takes place in several stages:

A mixture is made. The composition includes cement, water, coarse sand and crushed stone.

Then the resulting mixture is placed in a special form, in the form of a cobblestone natural stone.

After vibrocompression, the workpieces are sent to the drying chamber. The material is dried for twenty-four hours.

It is worth noting that if the form of a natural stone is used, then during production, the dye may not be added to the composition of the pigment. This is because cement and real natural stone are almost the same color. If you do not add dye to the composition, then the tile will turn out to be stronger and of better quality..

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