How to paint the ceiling and walls? Step-by-step instruction.

Despite the fact that nowadays there are newfangled methods of decorating ceilings and walls with various materials, traditional surface painting is still the most popular and economical way. It is often used by professionals when making apartment renovations in Shchelkovo and other regions and cities. To paint the ceiling, you will need a narrow brush, a paint bath and a fur roller with a long handle. The brush is designed for hard-to-reach places and corners that cannot be reached in the usual way. First of all, you need to take care of a perfectly flat surface. To do this, use the traditional scheme: putty, skin, primer. After all the preliminary work, we pour the paint into the bath, and with the help of a narrow brush we apply it around the perimeter of the ceiling. Then, using a roller, roll out the paint until the roller is completely absorbed and apply the paint to the ceiling surface. If the paint turns out to be thick, it should be diluted with a construction mixer to full consistency..

One layer may not be enough. In order to assess the quality of the painting, you should move to the corner of the room and carefully examine the presence of unpainted places. The second layer is recommended to be applied from window to door..

To paint the walls, it is necessary to thoroughly prepare the surface, clean it from putty and old wallpaper. After making sure that the surface is perfectly flat and cleaned, you can start painting. To begin with, you should thoroughly prime the walls. This will remove dust from the wall and cover it with a thin protective film. Then level the walls using gypsum plaster, which will make the surface perfectly flat..

After thorough filling and sanding, we proceed to painting. The principle of painting walls is exactly the same as painting ceilings, using the same building tools. On the walls, the paint will lay evenly only if the walls are divided into certain areas and gradually painted. It is advisable to apply several layers for complete readiness..

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