Parquet maintenance.

Parquet flooring is an efficient, environmentally friendly, expensive type of flooring. It is ideally combined with any interior in the apartment, is functional and has an aesthetic appearance. The wood from which the parquet is made is not a very practical material, but even with proper care, such a coating will serve you for more than fifty years. If you want the parquet to retain its appearance, you need to install it correctly. So, if you use substrates, then the parquet will serve you for a whole ten years..

Every three years it is necessary to carry out a mandatory grinding of the floor, thanks to which the shiny and well-groomed appearance of the floor covering will be maintained..


You need to clean the parquet flooring with a vacuum cleaner or broom. When wet cleaning is carried out, the cloth must be wrung out thoroughly. If stains appear on the parquet floor, you can remove them using a mild detergent. If the stains are not removed, then treat them with alcohol and special products designed specifically for cleaning parquet flooring..

Do not walk on the surface with heels or shoes intended for the street, as you will protect the parquet from the formation of various mechanical damage. To avoid scratches on the parquet, walk only in slippers..

Your pets and your furniture can damage the flooring. Therefore, it is advisable to put a rug or felt lining under the furniture..

Avoid getting sand and dirt on the parquet, they will scratch the parquet and spoil its appearance. To do this, lay a rug at the entrance to a house or apartment..

Parquet flooring does not tolerate carpets, because, as you know, carpets tend to accumulate dust and dirt, which spoils the appearance of parquet.

Scratches that appear on the parquet can be removed by light sanding, and then rubbed with oil or varnished..

In order for the parquet to remain new, it is imperative to maintain the humidity in the apartment, which should be 50-60 percent. Since the parquet swells in high humidity, and in dry air, the parquet dries out.

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