Vibratory pile driver

A vibrator is used on construction sites. This device is used to immerse reinforced concrete pipes, piles, wells in sandy or clayey soil. On the banks of a river or near another body of water — the vibrator is especially useful, making it perfect for hydraulic installations such as docks, bridges, storm drains, ports, and more..

Vibratory pile drivers work on the principle of reducing the resistance when piles are driven under the influence of vibration. Such machines create vibration in the ground, which makes it possible to easily load or retrieve the pile elements. The work of loading piles into the ground is carried out not only with the help of a vibrator, it requires a vibration isolator and a lifting device (crane, pile driver, excavator) in pair. Depending on which device the vibrator will work with, the model of this machine is selected..

The vibratory pile driver has different grips, which are determined according to the purpose of the work. So, a standard grip is used to immerse the Larsen sheet pile, as well as pipes with a diameter in the range of 260-410 millimeters. If the piles are of a smaller diameter, then a pipe head is used. Double gripping pipes in the vibrator are used for piles with diameters greater than 420 millimeters.

There are vibrators with normal frequency and high frequency, as well as resonanceless models. The first option is good for driving sheet piles and profiles. Heavy materials are easier to immerse with a normal frequency vibrator. The high frequency vibratory pile driver has reduced transmission of vibrations to the ground, stable static moment, increased productivity, and low number of moving parts. Resonant pile vibrators have the ability to adjust the vibration force. The noise level from such machines is low.

The use of a vibratory pile driver is due to the fact that the cost of driving the piles decreases and it is quieter in the sound parameter than if the work is carried out with pile hammers..

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