Cleaning the sewer yourself.

Everyone knows about the importance of sewerage in an apartment and a house. But, over time, the sewer system fails. Therefore, urgent cleaning is required. If no breakdowns are found in the sewer system, then cleaning the sewer at home is carried out independently. It is better not to allow breakdowns and to do this, clean it regularly, once every twelve months..

The reasons preceding poor drain conductivity are:

• Incomplete installation work. Such a defect can be detected immediately after installation. As a rule, it manifests itself in the first month of use..

• Accumulation of large and non-dissolving waste in pipes.

• Sedimentation and deposition of waste on the walls of tubes.

• Corrosive plaque.

When starting cleaning, it is necessary to first identify the problem due to which the drainage system does not work fully.

Several types of different procedures are used to eliminate blockages:

• Thermal. This type of blockage removal involves cleaning the pipes using high temperatures. At temperatures of 50 degrees and above, fats decompose on the pipe walls and leave with wastewater. Experts advise to carry out preventive cleaning of the pipeline once a season..

• Mechanical. For this type of cleaning, special equipment is needed: a cable and tips for it. There are more than twenty types of cable ends, depending on the requirements and purpose of application. This type of cleaning is considered the most productive, because when using suitable equipment, it removes blockages of any complexity..

• Compression. This type of blockage removal also provides the necessary equipment. For simple and minor work, a plunger is used, while professional equipment is used for complete cleaning..

• Chemical. Modern chemical household products offer solutions and gels for cleaning pipes. Unfortunately, this method does not justify itself and cannot act as the main one. But, in the case of using one of the above systems for the treatment of water supply, it can act as an additional component.

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