Important drawings — KM and KMD. What is it and what is it for?

In the modern world, most structures are built on the basis of metal structures. Therefore, the documentation of a construction object, made according to the technology of using metal frames, includes drawings of metal structures. They are called KM for short. KM drawings are made for specific metal structures (construction or technological), exactly as for technological equipment.

The method of erecting a structure on metal structures is an excellent solution for modern construction. Thanks to such engineering ideas, we have strong, reliable buildings. However, to get a good result, you need to use well-designed steel structures. Feel what the design documentation of the KM stage is for?

On the basis of the developed KM drawings, KMD drawings or metal detailing structures are being developed. KMD drawings are part of a construction project, where the building is based on a metal frame. Structural steel drawings are a really important part of building design, where specific details of the metal frame of the building and installation diagrams are indicated. The development of KMD drawings is carried out after the development of KM drawings.

The development of documentation for the structural design stage is carried out only by experienced specialists from design bureaus, for example, the development of structural design is possible in the Moscow company Topengineer, which has been successfully operating on the Russian market for more than 8 years. This article uses images — examples of the work of this bureau..

A set of KMD documentation is used for the production of metal structures, while high-quality drawings will ensure proper assembly and will give a good subsequent functionality of the metal structure as part of the structure. Thus, it should be said that the KM and KMD documentation are incredibly important for the construction of structures using metal structures..

The Proektstroy portal wishes you high-quality design documents and skillfully executed drawings.

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