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Why ceramic blocks are good?

Ceramic blocks are modified clay bricks. For centuries, fired clay has been used to build buildings, but clay brick is not an ideal insulation.

Being very durable, it will protect the apartment from the cold only if the wall made of it is at least 65 centimeters thick..

However, such a laying of small bricks is very expensive and time-consuming for the builder. In addition, its strength will be 5-7 times higher than that required by calculation. Such a reserve is needed for defensive structures, but not for peaceful houses..

The decision to make ceramic blocks — a new type of wall material appeared half a century ago, when they decided to increase the clay brick several times. To reduce the weight in it, make a lot of slotted voids in it. In addition, the structure of the new brick was made with micro-voids, which further increased its thermal resistance. For this, small sawdust was added to the clay before firing. Burning out, they create a network of microvoids that insulate the ceramic block array.

In order for the ceramic block masonry to be strong and warm, you need to follow several rules.

1. Use a special adhesive solution, since ordinary cement flows into the voids of ceramic blocks and deprives them of their thermal insulating ability.

2. Carefully unload and lay ceramic blocks, because they are very fragile and even crack from a slight impact, which negatively affects the strength of the walls.

3. Under the reinforced concrete floor slabs, reinforcement with a steel mesh on a layer of mortar with a thickness of at least 5 cm must be done. It protects the ceramic blocks from pushing through.

4. Ceramic blocks actively absorb moisture, therefore, the masonry must be protected from precipitation during technological breaks and after the end of the shift.



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