High-tech housing

The main feature that distinguishes this style from many others is the use of a large amount of metal and glass in the decoration of premises, which are the main materials of the style. This is a style of high technology and simple geometric shapes, the basis of which is primarily the practicality and functionality of the premises..

The main colors of the hi-tech style are white and shades of gray. It is allowed to use pastel colors: sand, beige, light lilac, pale pink, etc., as well as radically bright shades for contrast. Basically, on a general gray-white background, one bright spot is created with a contrasting color..

Another very important aspect of high-tech design is properly planned lighting. In such a room there should be a lot of halogen lamps built into the walls, ceiling, floor and pendant. Lamps should not only illuminate, but also decorate the interior in an original way, for example, you can build a cascade of pendant multi-colored lamps or arrange them in some other way to make the room unusual. String lights, spotlights and many others are also used..

Unfortunately or fortunately, wood furniture has no place in this style, it must be represented by a variety of metal frames, glass tops and shelves. High-tech style upholstered furniture has regular geometric shapes, plain upholstery and metal elements.

You can decorate the windows with blinds, you can also use plain curtains to make the room more comfortable. A plain soft carpet will also add coziness. If you choose PVC plastic windows, they will go well with this style..

Decor elements are selected necessarily of the correct geometric shapes, objects should be made of plastic, metal and glass. Paintings with abstract drawings will look great on the walls. You can also decorate them with black and white photographs in metal frames..

A large rectangular aquarium will add a touch of charm to the interior..

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