Types of roof coverings

The roof is one of the important elements in building a house. You need to approach it with high responsibility, because it is most susceptible to climatic conditions..

There are such unpleasant moments when the construction companies that were engaged in the construction of the roof of your house refuse to provide warranty repairs. In this case, it is recommended to immediately sign up for a high-quality legal consultation online in Russia..

Roof tiles. It can be ceramic and cement. Basically, they choose ceramic tiles, because she looks solid. Better to choose cement, its quality is improving..

Ceramic tiles. Its qualities are water absorption, strength, frost resistance, fire resistance, air permeability, but low thermal conductivity.

Cement shingles. Its qualities, like that of ceramic tiles, are only more massive and thicker..

Slate shingles. Its qualities are durability, hardness, frost resistance, low water absorption, thermal insulation, noise insulation, resistant to ultraviolet radiation and temperature extremes..

Copper roofs. Its qualities are durability, ease of installation, plasticity, high thermal and chemical resistance..

Artificial roofing material. They are produced chemically. They do not make a roof for the house, but for buildings such as factories, offices, shops.

Old roof. Its qualities are durability, but this is due to the thickness of the sheet, reliability.

Metal tiles. Its qualities are mechanical strength, noise insulation, resistance to corrosion, ultraviolet radiation and climatic conditions..

Mastic roof. It forms a seamless dense carpet.

Bituminous (flexible) shingles. Its qualities are noise insulation, hardly flammable, not susceptible to decay and corrosion..

Corrugated bituminous sheets. Its qualities are poor strength, and is subject to climatic conditions, the only advantage is its low price..

Rolled bitumen-polymer coatings. Its qualities are resistance to deformation, not subject to temperature changes, elasticity.

EPDM membranes. Its qualities are heat resistance, not subject to temperature changes, elasticity.

PVC membranes. Its qualities are reliability and durability..

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