Investing in the construction of business centers

Modern business centers in cities are exemplary business environments that match the international standard. A whole complex of premises equipped with all the necessary infrastructure is concentrated in the building of such a center, which makes it possible to provide the required comfort for the business sector. The business center has in the required quantity not only office premises, meeting rooms, conference rooms, bank branches, but also everything that ensures a comfortable existence in a separate building — cafes, restaurants, fitness centers, beauty salons, guarded parking lots.

Assessment of the effectiveness of investment in the construction of business centers

All financial experts share the same opinion — investing in the construction of business centers is very profitable for several reasons. This is primarily due to the difference between investments in construction and sale of office premises, their lease, as well as other commercial premises for beauty salons, restaurants and cafes. Only the leasing of offices makes it possible to recoup all investments in the construction of a business center in a relatively short time. Statom can offer its clients lucrative investment offers in the construction of not only business centers, but also other commercial facilities..

Features of the construction of business centers

The main difference between the construction of business centers and shopping and entertainment complexes lies in the creation of increased comfort for conducting professional activities. There is a well-developed infrastructure, there are all the possibilities for connecting high-speed Internet, high-quality communication, cleaning services are provided, complete security is provided, both inside the building and in the adjacent territory. Any modern business center is a capital structure, where metal structures are mainly used to create a supporting frame. This allows you to create lightweight buildings that are unique in their architecture. The type of foundation for a business center is selected depending on the size of the building and its location. The entire necessary complex of land management works is being carried out, a cushion is being made for the future foundation. After the construction of the box of the business center, finishing, roofing, plumbing works are carried out, and the territory is landscaped..

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