Japan provided evidence of deliberate aggression by the crew of a Chinese trawler

Senators and MPs from Japan announced that they have evidence of aggression by the crew of a China-owned trawler during a recent incident in the East China Sea, according to information provided by Japan’s Kyodo news agency on November 1..

This announcement was made following the demonstration of video footage of the incident. So it is noted that about thirty members of both houses of the Japanese parliament were present at the video demonstration. According to lawmakers, the demonstrated recording clearly shows how a Chinese trawler, intercepted by the Japanese coast guard near the disputed Senkaku Islands, deliberately went to ram the boats..

According to Agence France-Presse, the video itself has not been released. According to the agency’s source, Tokyo decided not to provide the video to the public in order to avoid further exacerbation of the conflict between Japan and China. At the same time, it is reported that there is no information regarding how China reacted to this message..

Recall that the incident, which involved the Chinese and Japanese ships took place on September 7. Having found a Chinese trawler near the Senkaku Islands (which in Japan are considered part of their territory), the Japanese coast guard went to intercept the vessel. After the capture, the trawler, along with the crew members and its captain, were arrested..

Shortly after what happened in the People’s Republic of China, whose government also has claims to the Senkaku Islands, there was a wave of rallies and anti-Japanese protests. As a result, the trawler, along with its displeasure of Japanese nationalists, who accused the government of indecision.

In October, Beijing and Tokyo agreed to jointly develop mechanisms to prevent the possibility of conflicts at sea — in order to avoid such incidents. At the same time, according to data provided by AFP on October 30, on Saturday, the Chinese government unexpectedly and without providing any explanation canceled all negotiations that were supposed to take place between Chinese Prime Minister Wen Jiabao and Japanese Prime Minister Naoto Kan.

A little later, according to the agency, a meeting of representatives of the two countries still took place, but it was unofficial..

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