Economic security: outlines of strategy — Business Express

Presentation of the book by D.E. Sci., Professor Tatul Manaseryan under this name was held at the Scientific Research Institute of Ancient Manuscripts named after M. Mashtots — Matenadaran.

According to the author, the monograph is the result of the work of the last two decades. The book, 836 pages long, contains seven chapters, which define the essence of economic security at the theoretical and methodological level, identify the threats that accompany human life, present ways to achieve economic security at the micro and macro levels, consider the problems of economic security at the national and national levels, as well as legislative and legal prerequisites for ensuring economic security. The last chapter of the book is devoted to external economic threats and global security problems..

Presenting his work, T. Manaseryan noted that development can be divided into two components — competitiveness and economic security. The system of economic security includes internal and external threats. The main threats to the economic security of Armenia, according to the author, are concentrated today in such spheres as financial and credit organizations with their certain isolation from the real sector of the economy; the securities market with its immature; ineffective foreign economic activity; information and communication spheres of managing the socio-economic development of the country; implementation of state programs for socio-economic development; structural reform of the economy, change in forms of ownership; state property management; shadow business and its management, as well as internal and external illicit trafficking in drugs, weapons and ammunition, precious metals and stones, items of cultural and historical heritage.

The author provides an analysis of the reasons for the emergence of threats to economic security, their assessment and security mechanisms, security indicators and the role of the state in its provision. The speakers highly appreciated the presented work, suggestions were made to organize a broad discussion of the monograph after a more detailed acquaintance with it. The monograph is dedicated to the memory of the author’s father — Norayr Manaseryan, a prominent scientist and statesman.

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