Debts of the management companies of Bashkiria tend to go up

The impressive debts of the management companies of Bashkortostan have already been repeatedly reported in the media. At the end of last year, the total debt of these organizations to energy and water supply enterprises amounted to over 0.6 billion rubles. To date, the situation has not improved, but, on the contrary, has worsened. At the beginning of February this year, the amount of debt has already reached almost 900 million rubles.

In terms of the number and volume of debt to resource-supplying enterprises, the predominant part is made up of housing organizations. The reason for this is the press service of Bashkir Distribution Heating Networks LLC says that the timing of the settlement was violated by the management companies. As for the citizens of the republic, in general, they are conscientious users of public services and pay the required payment on time. In turn, non-fulfillment of financial obligations within the timeframes stipulated by the agreement delays (and in many cases makes it completely impossible) seasonal repair programs, makes it difficult to provide timely heat and water supply, depriving diligent users of the opportunity to receive the services they paid for. The situation is aggravated by the difficult economic situation in the country and in the world, the rise in fuel prices.

The head of the State Housing Inspection of the Republic of Bashkortostan, Ildara Zamaletdinova, emphasized the paradox and illegality of the current situation, and also called for the suppression of such actions by punishing the perpetrators by bringing them to legal responsibility. She noted that citizens themselves have the right to monitor the implementation of financial obligations of management companies. In order to provide information to citizens of the republic about the activities of housing organizations, LLC «BashRTS» publishes lists of legal entities that have arrears in payment of received resources with a delay of more than two months, on its website in the section «Consumers».

In the previous year, BashRTS LLC filed 37 claims for the amount of 212.6 million rubles, of which 8 were considered in favor of the plaintiff with the collection of 114.7 million rubles from the debtors. JSC «Bashkirenergo» filed 34 claims to collect debts for the provided heat energy in the amount of 386 million rubles, of which 18 claims were satisfied with compensation of 228 million rubles.

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